Road Titans


3 Days/310 Miles or 3 Days/150 Miles

Welcome to the official website of the ROAD TITANS 300+ and ROAD TITANS 150.  This Cycling Challenge is a three-day fully supported adventure and experience like no other!  For all who have dreamed of experiencing the full pro cycling experience, we’ve got good news. Now you can, at least for a few days.

Road Titans 300 and Road Titans 150 offer amateur riders an immersive, pro-like experience for all who seek to push their limits and live the pro-rider life they’ve always wanted. With a challenging 300-mile or 150-mile mountain course, divided in three stages over three days through some of the most awe-inspiring scenery, Road Titans is fully supported by motorcycle officials who guide you throughout the various routes, a dedicated team vehicle/SAG, on-route mechanical assistance, support team leaders, EMT support, refueling stations and top of the line uniforms. This is the real pro-like experience, and it’s waiting for you to step up to the challenge.

You get to ride from your arrival on the starting line, all the way to the finish line, on a road course in one of National Geographic’s “Destinations of a Lifetime”, Oconee County, South Carolina just like the pros do. Sign up today and take the first pedal on your way to becoming a true Road Titan!

ROAD TITANS 300+ and ROAD TITANS 150 combines one of the most ambitious cycling experiences, South of the Mason-Dixon Line with the breathtaking scenery of the surrounding locale.

ROAD TITANS 300+ and ROAD TITANS 150 are not just cycling challenge, but battles to overcome the voices within – an opportunity to defeat them hand in hand with will power, determination, and unswayable perseverance. ROAD TITANS 150 traverses 50 miles a day while ROAD TITANS 300+ traverses 100+ miles each day.  For those who have participated in the past, this has been an unforgettable and unique cycling experience.



National Geographic named Jocassee Gorges in South Carolina’s Oconee County one of “50 of the World’s Last Great Places – Destinations of a Lifetime” in 2012.

South Carolina’s Oconee County, which takes its name from a Cherokee word meaning “land beside the water,” hosts this extraordinary event, offering cyclists over 300 miles of ever-changing landscapes.

Oconee’s roads weave past some of the tallest waterfalls in the state and flank steep gorges, vast lakes, creeks, and rivers –including the mighty Chattooga– not to mention the native wildlife at every turn.  Dare to try a real cycling challenge?  Click here and register now!!!

Cycling Challenge

He dared to try this amazing cycling challenge!