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“We go to Miami, Florida to speak with the organizers of an event that rivals any amateur ride or race anywhere: The Road Titans 300+ Cycling Challenge. You just might want to get your low gears on and head on down to Oconee County, South Carolina for 3 days of riding, climbing, mid-November. Jan Michael Ramery and Jonathan Strauss will fill us in on all the nitty gritty details.”

The Outspoken Cyclist – 8/30/2014 « WJCU

“Sweating has never been so exhilarating. Push yourself beyond your limits up mountains, cruising through spectacular landscapes and riding past waterfalls, rivers, and lakes… It is a tough 300+ mile route, but nothing short of spectacular.

A 300+ mile multi-city route has been charted to create a race-like experience for riders.

Participants – three clusters of fast-paced cyclists will complete 100+ miles each day, allowing them to attest to their athletic capabilities as well as explore and enjoy the cities they encounter.

The group of participating cyclists will be divided into three Pelotons: Elite, Advanced, and Intermediate. Traveling as an integrated unit, each Peloton will follow a predetermined speed and pace.

  • Elite and professional athletes | 21-23 MPH
  • Advanced endurance athletes | 17-20 MPH
  • Intermediate endurance athletes | 15-17 MPH

Leaders of the Pack
To assist in achieving a good flow at all times, each Peloton will be led by appointed local cyclists, who will be responsible for keeping the speed and pace of their Peloton. They will also be in charge of keeping their pack inside the assigned road lane and following the predetermined route.”

“That was the hardest thing I have ever done on the bike!  It was great to look at my Garmin and see the end of that horrific stretch of road was just about behind me.” – Tracy Draper

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