Road Titans


2017 ROAD TITANS Cycling Challenge

This event brings you two amazing cycling experiences. Our ultimate ROAD TITANS 300+ and a less demanding course, the ROAD TITANS 150 cycling challenge.

Both cycling challenges will take place in beautiful Oconee, South Carolina. Cyclists will push themselves up mountains, cruising through spectacular landscapes and riding past waterfalls, rivers, and lakes… Both the 300+ mile and 150-mile route are nothing short of spectacular.


The group of participating cyclists will be divided into three Pelotons: Elite, Advanced, and Intermediate. Traveling as an integrated unit, each Peloton will follow a predetermined speed and pace.

Elite and professional athletes

  • Your average speed at the end of the day will be 18 to 20 mph *
  • On the flats, pulls up to 30+ mph

Advanced endurance athletes

  • Your average speed at the end of the day will be 16 to 18 mph*
  • On the flats, pulls up to 25+ mph

Intermediate endurance athletes

  • Your average speed at the end of the day will be 14 to 16 mph*
  • On the flats, pulls up to 20 mph

*These speeds may vary depending on weather conditions, terrain, and your athletic capabilities.

Team Leaders

To assist in achieving a good flow at all times, each Peloton will be led by an appointed experienced cyclist, who will be responsible for keeping the speed and pace of their Peloton.

They will also be in charge of keeping their pack inside the assigned road lane and will ensure everyone is following the predetermined route.

ROAD TITANS 300+ Scoring and Awards

To increase the competitive aspect of the event, each day will include 1 King of the Mountain (KOM) zone, in which Pelotons will ride a specified area and compete for the best time, scored by chip timing.

Scoring – The fastest combine time at the end of the 3 days will crowned as the King of The Mountain.

Awards – At the culmination of ROAD TITANS 300+, the riders with the combine fastest time in their respective categories/Pelotons will be awarded the Cronus Achievement trophy (in Greek mythology, Cronus was the leader of the TITANS). Cronus winners will receive a complimentary entry into next year’s event, while the winner from Peloton Elite will both, men and women, receive a set of Bontrager Wheels sponsored by Trek and the Road Titan 300 helmet, an honor fit for an immortal.

The Road Titan 300 Helmet

As the Elite King of the Mountain (fastest overall Titan), you’ve shown the grit and endurance only known to a few. You led an army of Titans; now be proud to show off an unbeatable spirit with the Road Titan 300 helmet, as a testament to their sheer determination and cycling prowess. In the toughest battles, a helmet such as this not only spared the head of a brave man from fiery arrows and spears, but it transformed him into a symbol of power and indomitable, nearly-immortal might.

Road Titans 300+ | Routes 


The day begins at the Lighthouse by Lake Keowee and heads north into the outskirts of the town of Pickens.  – Riders will traverse back roads to reach the shore of Lake Keowee. Cyclists will experience their first moderate climb as they make their way to the top of Glassy Mountain.  After the first break of the day, cyclists will make their way to scenic Highway 11.  There, cyclists start the hardest climb of the day heading up Caesar’s Head Mountain for a 6-mile ascent up the mountain.   After the climb, cyclists travel across the border of NC, above SC, experiencing several tough rolling climbs.  The descent will start half way down Sassafras Mountain Road.  We are saving the climb to Sassafras Mountain for Saturday.  Riders will traverse back roads finishing at the Lighthouse.

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Day 2 is the hardest day of the Road Titans 300+. The day begins at the Lighthouse by Lake Keowee and heads north west along Lake Keowee near Salem crossing Highway 11 .  There are several tough rolling climbs before riders start climbing into the Eastatoe Valley.  Cyclists will ride along the Eastatoe Creek until they begin the first long ascent of the day, where they will climb out of the Eastatoe Valley to the top of Highway 178.  This climb is steady at 5%.  Riders will then descend into Rocky Bottom, and initiate the toughest climb of the event – Sassafras Mountain – a 4.7 mile climb that averages 7%, but pitches about 15% for extended distances to reach the top of the mountain, the highest point in South Carolina.  From there, they will follow the river making a circle and descending back to Highway 11.  There is one last climb after a short ride to the pristine Lake Jocassee. Riders will traverse back roads and enjoy scenic views of Lake Koewee finishing at the Lighthouse. 

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The challenge will start from Gignilliant Center in the downtown area of Seneca.  Cyclists will head north for the last ride by Lake Keowee.  The winding country roads lead to Highway 11 then start an extended climb up Whitewater Falls Road to Bad Creek.  Bad Creek has several tough rolling climbs with a view of Lake Jocassee.  Cyclists will climb out of Bad Creek to continue climbing up and over Wiggington Overlook.  Following the tree lined roads on the top of the mountain; cyclists will start a descent passing multiple apple orchards in Long Creek.  There are a few last climbs before ending at South Cove County Park.  After a few pictures at the finish.  Cyclist are invited to Gigniliat Center (621 N. Townville St, Seneca, SC 29678) for dinner. 

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By now, you’ve probably heard all about the ROAD TITANS 300+ Cycling Challenge from your friends and cycling buddies. But what if you don’t feel you have the time to train properly? Or maybe you just want a taste of what it takes to be a Road Titan without committing to so many daily miles. What if we told you that now you could get the same level of support, same gregarious environment and same amazing scenery with less miles?

There’s a way, and it’s called the ROAD TITANS 150 Cycling Challenge.  New in 2016, RT150 is another way to participate in one of the best-supported cycling events in the U.S. Think of it as an introduction to the big show, getting the same level of 360° support but with 50% less miles. This is a great option for riders seeking to build up to the RT300+ ride or for people who are curious about their own potential, but have never before done a demanding course. Whether it’s the full RT300+ or the new RT150, we hope to see you on the mountain this year!